Nissan Demo Cars for Sale at Nissan Stadium

How Do I Buy a Demo Nissan?

Buying a demo Nissan vehicle with Stadium Nissan is easy. You can browse our online selection of demo vehicles or visit us by appointment to explore our selection of demo vehicles. Once you've explored the options available to you, here are some practical things to keep in mind:

Ask about the history of the demo vehicle

At Stadium Nissan, we pride ourselves on transparency with our valued customers. We offer our full vehicle history reports so they can learn about the previous use of the vehicle, maintenance, and any collision report. We want you to feel confident when you're purchasing a demo vehicle from us, so equipping you with all the information about the vehicle is our goal. Our product advisors are always available to answer any of your questions online, on the phone, and in-person. 

Do demo vehicles come with a warranty?

Nissan's warranty and protection packages apply to each vehicle. New vehicles come with a manufacturer's warranty at the time of purchase. Our demo vehicles also have an applicable warranty that can be extended with our dealership. 

Compare the cost to a new vehicle

When you're purchasing a demo vehicle, take a moment to ask about all the interior and exterior options available on the demo vehicle and a new vehicle in our showroom. Understanding your discounted savings is an important factor in making the purchase decision. Once you've reviewed the options available in the demo vehicle compared to a similar trim in our showroom, you'll be better informed to make the right decision and the extra savings in your pocket will keep you smiling.

Price negotiation and financing in Calgary, Alberta.

At Stadium Nissan, we want our customers to save. Whether you're looking to save money, get free upgrades or accessories, we want you to feel confident in your purchase. To make buying your next Nissan easy, we offer a convenient, secure, and transparent online process. Once you've found the demo vehicle you'd like to buy, complete our secure online finance application and you'll pre-qualify for credit. Our finance specialists will review your completed application and will contact you to finalize the purchase of your demo vehicle.